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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we get a contract?

    Yes a fully contracted booking system is in place and a contract is sent from our friendly events staff in our office. This will show all the information of the booking from times, payments and anything additional which has been booked.

  • Do you bring back-up equipment?

    Yes. Even though our equipment is of the highest quality professional brands there is a small percentage that something can go faulty. This is why full back up equipment is on hand for an instant replacement and the event will continue with no delay. Back up music, audio desks, amplifiers etc.

  • What equipment do you bring?

    All the necessary equipment for the event is brought such as sound, lighting, DJ booth and any additional equipment which has been booked in. If Adie has been booked for just playback then again the equipment which has been agreed by the booker shall be brought.

  • Can we choose our music?

    Yes of course you can! It’s your event. Music can be a very personal thing which reflects either the person, couple or the theme of a wedding/event. Adie and his team will send out a song a request form where you can fill in favourite music or genres and songs you want to avoid. Adie will incorporate your chosen songs into the event and work around those songs. But Adie likes to keep a full dance floor and create a great atmosphere, so his own influence of how and when the music is delivered and working with floor fillers is always recommended.

  • Can we meet before the Wedding/Event?

    Yes of course you can. Adie always like to meet clients before hand to discuss the running of the event. Meetings up to 30 mile radius from B98 postcode are at no charge. For more than 30 miles all we ask for is a small payment to cover fuel only.

  • How far do you travel?

    The whole of the UK and even EU. Adie is based in the West Midlands which gives easy access for the whole of the UK. He works regular in Birmingham, London and Manchester and surrounding areas.

  • Do you have PLI insurance?

    Yes Adie is covered with full PLI insurance and PAT. If a venue require method statements or risk assessments then we can supply these on request.

  • What time do you finish?

    Adie will play up to the agreed contracted time. If you would to extend the times then this is no problem but this is subject to Adie and venue allowing for this and an additional fee will be agreed and paid before.

  • Can we use your PA for the wedding breakfast?

    Yes of course you can as long as you have booked Adie to be there in the day time too. If the room is a different room than the evening reception then a smaller more discrete PA system will be used. You can bring your own music on an iPad or similar to be plugged in and microphone for speeches can be booked too.

  • Can you work along side a Band or Singer?

    Yes this is perfectly fine. Adie works along side other entertainment quite regularly. He can work with the band, playing music around what the band do not play. Adie can start the evening off by building the night up, filling the dance floor, ready for the bands introduction. He will then introduce the band and fill in between the band sets and finish off the evening.

  • Our Band said they can do the Disco

    We get told a lot that a band will also provide the disco. But what you will find is they will stick a CD on while they go and have break in between sets. A CD is not a DJ performance and a CD can not read a crowd and see what music is working and what is not. Adie and his team book a lot of bands and always recommend a professional DJ to start the party, do background music before guests arrive, during food and in between band sets and after. A DJ can read a crowd and see what the band don’t play and then cover those genres so everyone is catered for. A DJ can also build up the crowd before the band and thank them afterwards as in a hosting role. Bands are great and so is a live DJ and this makes a perfect combination.

  • Can we use your microphone?

    Yes, no problem at all. Microphones are always on hand. If you require a radio microphone please make sure this is booked in.

  • How do we pay?

    A 20% deposit is due with return of booking contract and the remainder balance is due 14 days prior the event date. We accept cheque or BACs payment.

  • What happens if you’re ill?

    In over 24 years Adie has attended every event he has been booked on, but if the circumstance happens where illness occurs then a suitable DJ replacement will be sent. Adie and his team supply and work closely with some of the best DJs in the business.

  • Can you price match?

    This is a common question and we find that how can you price match something which is not similar? There is only one DJ Adie Hughes. Adie’s prices are very fair and reasonable for the quality the booker/client is receiving. So many other factors come in such as: Is the other DJ experienced? Is the equipment of same quality? Do you know what you are booking or just getting a cheaper price?

  • What extras do you provide?

    Adie is also a director of Jam Productions which are suppliers to the event industry with equipment, technical assistance and event management. They stock everything from small to large scale PA, lighting, theming and full on production. Contact the team today on: www.jamproductions.co.uk


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